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Speed Drills Video Session and 12 week Technical Program

Raw Footage from a Ranell Coaching Session (25minutes)

This coaching video commences at the beginning of technical instruction after movement prep and a functional and specific warm up have taken place. This is the first session for a 17 year old Football (Soccer) player. The following drills are coached in the video:

  • Ranell’s ‘A’ series consisting of: Postural Walk, A march, Stability Switches, Up Swing and A Skip
  • Ankling March to Ankling Bounce to Speed Ankling drills
  • Wall Slide to Wall Slide Bounce drill
  • Step Over Marching to Step Over Bounce to Speed Step Overs

After the technical drills the athlete who is prone to hip impingement felt tightening at the front of the hips so we deviated slightly from the program to perform

  • Banded distraction for hip impingement using both static hold and oscillations

To free him up for the short acceleration work to come :

  • 3-4 x (Side shuffles to 10m sprint 1 x ES into 2x 10m Heavy Sled Sprint)
  • 3-4 x (multidirectional drill into 30m sprint)

Technical Sport Speed Training for Field and Court Athletes 12 week Program

Instructions for Program

This program is designed to develop the technical skills required for explosive on field speed and
change of direction. Acceleration, linear speed, change of direction, braking and landing are all
covered in this program.

Frequency recommendations: Frequency recommendations are based on the time of season.

Off – Season: twice a week; Pre-season: One to Two times a week; In-season: Once a week.