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Coaching Explosive Speed Online Course – Self-driven Practical Workshop

This workshop allows you to explore the practical application of the knowledge and skills
gained throughout the linear and multi-directional speed theory presentations. You will
gain skills required to demonstrate drills and exercises to instruct speed training
techniques to individual athletes or groups of athletes according to their specific needs.

The expected time to completion is 3 hours (2 x 1 hour practical sessions, 1 hour of video


Your practical workshop consists of two x one-hour sessions. The first focusing on Linear speed and the second on Multi-directional speed.

Using your phone or other video device, during the sessions, record yourself performing the following technical exercises and drills for self-assessment.

  1. Acceleration Wall Drill (Single and triple switches)
  2. Ankling drill (Foot strike)
  3. Wall Slides (Foot recovery)
  4. Stride Cycle
  5. Acceleration efforts over 5, 10 & 15m
  6. Sprinting efforts over 20, 30 & 40m
  7. Acceleration to brake over 10 & 15m
  8. Change of Direction using plant step
  9. Change of Direction using cross over step
  10. Change of Direction using drop step or pivot step

PERFORMANCE CRITERIA for Video Assessment :

Individual assessment of performance is to be consistent with the evidence guide. This
Qualitative analysis looks at the fundamental movement patterns, positions and postures
required for the training and execution of sport speed. It identifies compensations and
inefficient movements which lead to poor performance and chronic injuries.

Click the link below to open the complete Practical Workshop document in a new tab where you can easily download and save or print as needed.