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Coaching Explosive Speed On-Line Course Introduction and Course Manual Access

Welcome to Ranell’s online “Coaching Explosive Speed” course.

Here are some handy tips to help get you started:

There are 4 lessons or modules, each with accompanying videos and a multiple choice assessment. It is strongly suggested that you follow the modules in order.

  1. Coaching Speed
  2. Linear Speed
  3. Multi-Directional Speed
  4. Building Physical Qualities for Speed

Don’t forget to access the Course Manual and download it. You will be referring to it throughout the course and beyond. It will also be very useful during the Assessments.

There is no password required to access any of the Modules, however you will need to complete each multiple choice assessment (80% pass mark) in order to progress to official completion. So the assessment for Module 2 has a prerequisite that you have achieved an 80% minimum correct answer result for the 15 multiple choice questions before being able to attempt it and so on for Modules 3 and 4. Upon successfully completing Module 4 you will then receive your course completion certificate to download and keep. You will also automatically receive an email with your accreditation points.

Each assessment is designed to provide maximum reinforcement of the content within the modules and are another great learning tool, without pressure. There are 15 multiple choice/true-false/matrix matching questions and an 80% mark is the pass.

The Practical component is there for you to challenge yourself as you learn to apply the technical knowledge out on the field. It’s something we expect you to enjoy immensely in your own time and is not assessed.

Lets Get Started !

First step is to download the course manual via the link below if you haven’t already done so. Click to access via new tab and then use the Adobe Acrobat button to open the file where you can save it to your computer or print out straight away.

Enjoy the content and remember we are here to help. Feel free to contact us via kip@academyofsportspeed.com – and also remember to look out for more of Ranell’s courses and webinars in the very near future by following our social media pages via www.academyofsportspeed.com and www.coacheducationonline.com.

The course reference list can be found here :

When you are ready to begin just click on the “Next Lesson” button on the bottom right of this page.