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Netball (Court Sports) Speed and Agility 6 week program

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Thank you for ordering this specially written training program from ASSA. It has been written by Ranell Hobson utilising her decades of coaching experience to maximize your performance gains in the most efficient way.

The lessons included in this program are made up of the Master Program (PDF) and the 3 Video files comprising Warm Up, Technical Speed and Core (4 in total) plus the Stretching instructional images to finish. They are placed in order below to assist you in completing the exercises in the correct manner and thereby maximising your performance gains from the workouts.

It is of vital importance to follow the Warmup carefully. It has been designed to prepare you for the upcoming session. In fact by following the Master Program pdf file perfectly you will gain maximum benefit from this outstanding program.

Any niggles or pain should be addressed immediately by the athlete prior to returning to the session and if in any doubt then err on the side of caution and treat appropriately.

Again thank you for your purchase and we look forward to hearing of your success from this program. Please keep an eye out for other ASSA programs written by Ranell to further help build the athlete from within.

Following our social medial platforms will be of great assistance in this as we use these for keeping our members updated of all of the Academy’s latest events and developments.

Any questions please contact me personally on kip@academyofsportspeed.com

All the very best
Kip and Ranell Hobson
The Academy of Sport Speed Australia.


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