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Ranell’s Movement Preparation Program

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This routine cannot be completed correctly without watching the video of the routine before commencing.

This is a 6-minute routine for all athletes. This routine has a Glute Activation and Lumbo-pelvic Stability emphasis.
The routine does require a Foam roller OR Massage Stick.

Movement preparation includes Activation, Stability and Dynamic Flexibility exercises designed to prepare the athlete for the Warm up.

The program/ Routine consists of one (1) PDF file and (1) Video file. The PDF document has been reproduced below however you can also view and download it if preferred by clicking the button below :

Please immediately contact Kip from ASSA via kip@academyofsportspeed.com if you have any difficulty in accessing of the information for this program.

This routine should be performed at the commencement of any training session.

Video Tutorial :

Instructions :

Pre-Training Routine Instructions: Ensure you arrive at your training location 10 minutes prior to the commencement of scheduled training time.
Pre- Training Routine:

  1. Start by rolling out using a foam roller or a massage stick for 2 to 3 minutes. Ensure this is continuous flowing from one body part to the next without rest.
  2. Perform four (4) repetitions of the Spiderman with Elbow Drop dynamic Stretch, superset this exercise with the Prone hand walk as demonstrated in the accompanying video.
  3. Perform four (4) repetitions of the Curtsey Squat on each leg.
  4. Perform six (6) rhythmical Camel to Cat dynamic stretches with quadruped rocking. Use your breathe to relax into these patterns taking deep breaths in and out.
  5. Perform four (4) Superficial back line of Fascia Rolls to Straight Leg Toe Touches.
  6. Perform six (6) Glute Bridge Lifts to 90 degree Low Back Rotations. Ensure you hold and activate the glute for 2 seconds at the top of each bridge.
  7. Perform four (4) Glute Bridges with Heel Walkouts. Ensure you keep your hips up as high as possible throughout the walk out.
  8. Perform eight (8) Donkey Kicks on each leg as demonstrated in the accompanying video. Be sure to keep your foot dorsi-flexed (toes pulled back toward the shin) throughout.
  9. Perform six (6) Fire Hydrant exercises on each leg. Pull the belly into the spine and keep the knee at 90 degrees throughout the exercise.
  10. Complete the routine by performing four (4) Ankle roll throughs on each ankle as performed in the accompanying video.

Use the next section as a print out card which can be laminated and packed into the training bag to take to all training sessions.

We hope you enjoy using this specialised program both now and into your sporting future. Any issues or feedback please contact kip@academyofsportspeed.com

Ranell and the team at ASSA wish you every success with your sporting endeavours.


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