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Each week in my face to face coaching I have the privilege of working with many young athletes who dedicate so much of their time to training the physicality and the technical skills of their sport but whose nutritional intake is letting them down. Poor choices or ill-informed advice causing fatigue and decreasing the positive performance outcomes they should be achieving from their hours of training. I believe that the information contained in this presentation will benefit you immensely in maximising athletic adaptations and performance outcomes through sound athletic nutrition and more importantly being able to truly customise nutrient needs for specific training goals.

The 40 minute webinar is jam packed with ‘use tomorrow’ advice. In the presentation I covers:

  • What good nutrition looks like
  • How food choices impact your energy levels, immune system, Concentration and focus and of course body composition
  • How to eat clean – and what this really means when it comes to choosing food
  • How to eat well to perform and recover for next day training
  • I delve into the macronutrients Carbohydrate, Protein and Fats and discusses what each macronutrient does, good examples of each to eat and importantly how much of each for specific training goals
  • The importance of Water consumption and Hydration maintenance
  • H20 intake advice for before, during and after training
  • The importance of the pre-training meal or snack, what to eat and when
  • What can go wrong if an athlete fails to fuel or hydrate correctly during training
  • Post training / competition fuel replenishment: Why it’s important, what to eat and drink, the timing of it all and how much of each nutrient
  • Advice for vegetarian athletes
  • Finally I teach you how to customise your personal nutritional intake including carbohydrates, proteins and fats, I takes you through the nutrition math and makes it easy to follow
  • Finally I share with tips for athletic success, including meal prep and being kind to yourself on ‘cheat days’.

I have no doubt that every athlete young or old will benefit from this information and in it’s application gain reward in abundance for their training efforts.


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For any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact presenter : speedyranell@bigpond.com or admin : kip@academyofsportspeed.com


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